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Muslim’s Wedding Ceremony

The wedding of Abdullah Gymnastiar’s daughter, the founder of Islamic boarding school Daarut Tauhid

The interaction between Muslim men and women in the community basically need to¬†be separated as necessary¬†as possible. (lebih…)

Bible cursed pregnancy

Bible cursed pregnant woman

Bible cursed pregnant woman

We all know that it is the nature of every woman to be pregnant. This gift enables humankind to descend and expand. Should women unable to be pregnant, then there will be no human being other than Adam and Eve, they will be the first and the last, and therefore there will be no Jesus, either.


School Assessment (Tugas Sekolah)


School boys working on their tasks.

By: Iwan Syahril

Not a long time ago we were once again confused and frustrated by the Indonesian government’s decision to give a green light to the national exam for senior high school students. Furthermore, it was used as the indicator to pass students. While the government have implemented the new curriculum, which has currently been revised, the Competency-Based Curriculum,the national exam still reflects the mindset of the old paradigm in education.


Parents Visit to School in Japan (Kunjungan Orang Tua ke Sekolah di Jepang)

Parents Visit to School

Sumber: Berguru

As a parent, have you ever thought what teacher do to your children in the class ? how they teach them ? or have you ever considered your children behaviour at school ?

I believe all parents who have children studied at school have a big curiosity what actually happened at school, but they do not have a chance to interact deeply with school community, especially in most of under developed or developing countries.